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Our 5 Distinctives


Cornerstone is on an unstoppable mission to reach and restore people.  To do that we have to be incredibly focused in the "why" and "what" of how we do that.  Our church has five distinctives that allow us to constantly have a culture that's on mission.

Teach for Transformation

Teaching in itself is information driven.  At Cornerstone though, we strive to make sure our time together is driven not by soley information but transformation. Our messages are practical, applicable, and will impact your next steps!

Worship with Passion

Life at Cornerstone is associated with words of hope, a place of joy, and healthy emotions that compels a lifestyle focused on serving with all of our heart and with all of our might.

Love with Action

At Cornerstone we are called not to just talk about love but to passionately show it to others!

Leave a Legacy

We are committed to building, multiplying, and connecting so that families will be actively investing into future generations!

Reach the Unchurched

We are a safe place where people can bring their past and discuss ways to get connected to a community of hope. A place to find a connection that goes beyond today.


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