CHURCH: Online and Onsite

Be our guest as we ask "Are we just chasing the wind?"  Sometimes we feel like we hate our life, too tired to enjoy all we have, or just plain exhausted.  Well, this series is just for you as we look at what it takes to Never Lose Heart.  So, join us for a dose of HOPE each Sunday at our Okmulgee campus or plan to watch the LIVE Stream on Facebook/Cornerstone Foursquare Okmulgee.  #hopefortoday #hopeishere #cf #cornerstone #forokmulgee #hereforyou #face2face #NeverLoseHeart

Location & Times
Doors are open at 1000am for meet and greet. Have a cup of Coffee/Tea at Cafe' Hope--its on us,  Kids programing is available each Sunday as we let passionate music ring out. Text a friend and come together or join us at 1030am for the LIVE Stream via Facebook. We will take time to pray, read from God's Word, and connect with you!  Wednesday's MidWeek service are only ONLINE at 630pm. Watch for other moments throughout the week as we connect as a people of Hope. LIVE Streaming on FaceBook with a few updates to YouTube throughout the month. #SundayOnline #cf #hopeishere #cornerstone #noperfectpeople #livestronger #cfsunday #foursquare