CHURCH: Online and Onsite--It's Not Complicated

Life, relationships, work, family--what does everyone say, "IT'S COMPLICATED".  In this series for everyday living we will discover that most of the time WE MAKE IT COMPLCATED when actually it is NOT COMPLICATED. The band will be set for passionate worship and the A/C is on!  So, bring your phone, coffee (as the Cafe' Hope is closed), and something to write on.  #itsnotcomplicated #movingforward #cf #cornerstone #forokmulgee #socialdistancingbutnotsociallydistant


You can still join us ONLINE as we participate in SOCIAL DISTANCING and find strength to use this time to GROW, to get EQUIPPED, and to establish God's plan for our WALK in this real world--day to day as the Church.  Together we anticipate experiencing a potentially fruitful season bearing new FRUIT of the Holy Spirit.  You are the focus of these days.  So, let us help to encourage you along the way.  To be the hands, feet, voice, and hope of Jesus!  LIVE Streaming on FaceBook and YouTube.

Location & Times
Doors are open at 1000am for meet and greet.  The main event starts at 1-3-am .  Bring your own coffee, print off a coloring page for the kids, text a friend, and then 1030am. You can join the LIVE Stream and remember to Check-in and let a friend know too. We will take time to pray with you!  Wednesday's MidWeek service are only ONLINE at 630pm. Watch for other moments throughout the week as we connect as a people of Hope. LIVE Streaming on FaceBook with some updates to YouTube throughout the month. #SundayOnline #cf #hopeishere #cornerstone #noperfectpeople #livestronger #cfsunday #foursquare #socialdistance #house2house #togetheragain

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617 N Oklahoma Ave | Okmulgee , OK | 74447