Pastors & Staff

Mickey and Marcie Baldwin

lead pastor and Worship lead

Pastor Mickey and Marcie came in March 2014 and they believe that Okmulgee is their mission field. They both serve on the worship team and have loved serving children for many years through the Foster Care system in Okmulgee County. Pastor Mickey also serves as the Mayor of Okmulgee since 2022.

Jim and C'cie Birch

foursquare missionaries to peru

Jim and C'cie traveled on teams to Peru 1999 and 2000 with Pastor Blaine Herron. Pastor Mickey was on the trip with Jim and they all feel in love with the Peruvian people. Now Jim and C'cie have been working in Peru after serving in Okmulgee for nine years. What a faithful couple. Please pray for them as their roles may be changing in the near future.

Gladys Sadok


Ms. Gladys has been serving Cornerstone faithfully with the Baldwin's since they came to Okmulgee. She speak both English and Peruvial/Spanish and contributes through many avenues. If she doesn't know it she will find out. She has a heart for kids to know the Word and to stand on it with all their might. Thank you Gladys for your devotion over these many years.

Annette & Robert

DIRECTOR OF careportal